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Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, & Hedges

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs & Hedges serve many functions in the landscape, adding simple beauty from a flowering tree, focal points in the landscape, privacy, shade for outdoor spaces, or defining boundaries. Just like the other trees and plants on your property, it’s important to keep up on the maintenance of these as well. Selective pruning can emphasize a plant’s ornamental features, increase flowering or fruiting, control their size or shape and keep them in good health.

These types of plants can be fragile and have specific needs to aid in their ability to grow and thrive. Working with our professionals will ensure that the proper care and pruning is completed without damaging the tree or shrub.

Our trained professionals with use specialized machinery to fully remove the stump to below ground level. The equipment we use will travel across your lawn without causing unnecessary damage. After a stump has been ground down, Jordan Tree Service is able to remove the remaining debris, backfill the hole with quality topsoil and even plant grass seed and cover it with straw, leaving your yard ready for your intended use.

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